About our Courses

Our courses run weekly over 6-8 weeks. We welcome both competent and less confident swimmers and start with one or two sessions in the pool before heading in to the sea. This is so that participants can get comfortable and confident with the group and our team. At the same time, we’ll be assessing each participants swimming abilities and understanding their goals and motivations.

After these two pool sessions, it’s time to hit the sea! Over the six weeks, we’ll cover…

  • Learning about tides and currents
  • Environmental issues surrounding the sea
  • Water confidence – dealing with waves, deeper water
  • Knowing your limits and how to keep safe
  • Floating
  • How to handle getting into cold water
  • Putting your face in the water and breathing techniques
  • Swimming techniques
  • Personal challenges
  • And most importantly, having fun!


“The whole team were so experienced and they really put us all at ease, I felt so much more confident when I left the session.  Looking forward to working on my technique.”

“I really enjoyed the session; felt we were in great safe hands!”

I had never been in the sea in this country before in my life and was a bit scared of doing so but I felt safe with the teachers, who explained everything, didn’t push anyone to do anything they didn’t want to and made a really fantastic experience. I would definitely sign up for more. Thanks so much.”